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Labor Party Member Named in Spy Case

Posted November. 03, 2006 03:01,   


The national security branch of the Suwon prosecutors office (Head of department: Kim Ha-Jung) reported yesterday that they are in the middle of an investigation of Mr. Park, the Democratic Labor party member who was arrested by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) on suspicion of leaking military information by smuggling it into North Korea, and for posting propaganda posters on websites.

Park was arrested on suspicion of espionage since it turned out that after he rode the Incheon Ferry to Dalian, China on March 4, 2003, crossed Duman River from Tumen in Jilin Province on March 6 to Onsong County in Hamgyong Province, and finally entered North Korea willingly. During his one-month stay in North Korea he leaked information of the South Korean military force units, protective walls as well as U.S. military base locations.

Meanwhile, the NIS requested to Seoul District Court to expand its investigation period according the “Ilsimhoe” incident on November 2.

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