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20th Inchon Awards Honor 6 Koreans

Posted October. 12, 2006 07:08,   


The ceremony for the 20th Inchon Award, established and administered by the Inchon Memorial Association and Dong-A Ilbo, was held at the lecture hall on the 21st floor of Dong-A Media Center, Sejongno, Jongno-gu, Seoul, in the afternoon of October 11.

On that day, the Chief Director of the Inchon Memorial Association Hyeon Seung-jong granted trophies, medals and prize money of 50 million won each to the six award winners: Cho Wan-gyu (78) the Chairman of the Bio-industry Association of Korea for the education section, Lee Ki-ung (66) the CEO of the publisher Yeolhwadang Publisher for the press and publication section, Lee Gu-taek (60) the Chairman of POSCO for the industry and technology section, Jang Jin (52), a professor of physics at Kyunghee University for the natural science section, Park Ee-moon (76), a special fellow professor at Yonsei University for the humanities, social science and literature section, and Kim Jong-tae (71) the representative of the social welfare corporation the Village of Peace for the public service section.

The Inchon Award was designed to pursue the intention of the deceased national leader Inchon Kim Seong-su who began the publication of Dong-A Ilbo during the Japanese colonial era and established Gyeongseong Spinning & Weaving Company and Korea University. This year is the 115th year since Inchon was born and the 20th year from the launch of the Inchon Award.

“Inchon was a pioneer who made great efforts to rebuild the nation through the press, education industry under the colonial occupation by Japan and cultural nationalist who stressed the Self-Strengthening Movement to prepare for the independence of Korea and took actual actions,” said Chief Director Hyeon in his opening speech. “Those who were awarded today are more than qualified to achieve the intentions of strengthening the nation that Inchon strenuously sought throughout his life.”

In the comments of the awarded, Chairperson Cho Wan-gyu said, “I feel shy that I am awarded for having done things that are inherent duties for a scientist, chairperson and minister. I’ll live up to my status as an Inchon Award winner.”

CEO Lee Ki-ung said, “Since the moment I was notified of being designated, I’ve suffered with the thought how I should endure this award. I’ll devote myself to the work of pursuing the culture of books and the value of human beings.”

Chairman Lee Gu-taek said, “I regard this award as not as given to me but to the entire iron and steel business which boosted the iron and steel industry and contributed to the economic development of the nation. I’ll repay the favor of this award by making the POSCO a company of the world.”

Professor Jang Jin said, “While carrying out researches home and abroad I realized keenly the importance of manpower development. I believe the intention of this award is to encourage me to improve my researches and nourish the human resources.”

The special fellow professor Park Ee-moon said, “A while ago I began to reevaluate my life for the last half a century as a runner-away to be a life as a pursuer. Inchon Award is an encouragement to continue the philosophical pursue and the journey of poetic imagination.”

Representative Kim Jong-tae said, “Life cannot be lived alone, and the Inchon Award was not the achievement I made by myself. I’ll keep on making the world a better place through the private-public cooperation with young coworkers.”

At the award ceremony that day more than 500 people, including figures in various sectors and Dong-A Ilbo Vice President of Dong-A Ilbo, one of the descendants of Inchon, gathered and congratulated the award winners.