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Posted October. 05, 2006 07:12,   


A (37), a director of a company who was told that he is an efficient worker, experienced a slump period after his summer vacation in July. Although he worked hard, his efficiency did not improve and mistakes became more frequent. Because of this he could not look at his boss in the eye and continued avoiding him.

B (31), who is shy, started experiencing stress at work after the dictatorial C became his boss. C would give directions and often embarrass B by chiding him for not doing better. B resolved his stress by drinking, and developed a habit of violence.

Recently A and B found internal peace after receiving psychotherapy from the corporate psychology clinic. Both were experiencing anxiety. A was dominated by the fear that ‘I enjoyed myself during my vacation, and I would look too relaxed. I might be bumped out of my job.’ B could not control his growing anger after thinking ‘my boss will not like me if I raise my voice.’

Because the cause was similar, the corporate psychologist suggested a similar treatment. He advised them not to be influenced by others and act based upon their own believes. The psychologists also performed role-play training so that they could accept others with an objective eye.

Companies managing employee stress-

More companies are offering psychotherapy for their employees’ mental health.

Samsung Electronics installed a stress clinic in the company in 2004, while LG Electronics last year and LG-CNS this year installed a clinic titled ‘a home for the mind.’ SK Telecom has outsourced this service since last year.

Companies operate stress clinics in order to attract valuable human resources and create an environment where they can enjoy work. Too much stress can negatively influence the team and result in absences or increased turnover rate, thus harming productivity.

Relationship-related stress predominant-

While the clinic deals with a variety of issues, the most frequently dealt issue is relationship in the workplace. Patients involve those who are severely stressed by bosses who use foul language or juniors who simply don’t listen. During these cases they are taught how to understand the thoughts and characteristics of the other person and respond accordingly.

Recently more issues center on family problems of workaholics. Some complain that their wives announce that they have met someone else and thus ask for a divorce. After the therapy the patient would realize the importance of balancing work and family, and return home saying “it was my fault. I’ll try to persuade my wife.”

In the semiconductor factory of Samsung Electronics that have young employees in the production line, there are more consultations concerning relationship with the opposite sex.

Good to resolve problems or manage problematic employees-

Psychotherapy improves employee morale and identifies problems in the company or problematic employees.

Samsung Electronics found that novice employees that have been with the company for one year or less goes to therapy more frequently, and thus identified the tensions between the freer younger generation and the structure oriented older generation. The company conducted training for the seniors in order to understand the younger generation and learn ‘logical and soft’ leadership.

Jun Jae-young, counselor for LG Electronics Mobile Communications Research Institute, said, “Researchers are often shy and analytical,” and added “We are teaching the upper echelons how to communicate with them.”