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Rookie Following in Pak’s Footsteps

Posted September. 09, 2006 06:14,   


Shin Ji-ae (Age 19, Himart) has made herself known as a big-time rookie who is following in the footsteps of Pak Seri (CJ). This took place at the Korea Ladies Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) PAVV Invitational, which came to an end on September 7 at the Phoenix Park Golf Club (Par 72) in Pyeongchang, Gangwon Province.

Shin Ji-ae, who made her debut as a professional this year, recorded a score of two under par 70 shots in the third and final round for a total of 12 under par, 204 shots, defeating runner-up Jung Hye-jin (Hite) by one shot.

Shin, who won her second match this season, following the Korea Women’s Open, has become the leader on the prize money scoreboard (KRW207,896,000), with the help of the KRW60million prize money from this victory. It is the second time in history, ten years after Pak Seri (KRW242,689,090 of 1996), that a player has received as much as KRW200million in prize money during one season. At that time, Pak Seri was also a rookie.

Shin Ji-ae, who had thought of quitting the match due to a severe case of the flu, made her victory with a strong fighting spirit, wearing a mask during the first round and getting injections of Ringer’s solution everyday and having to eat only porridge before heading for the field. “I was worried, but I’m really happy that I won. I was so nervous at the last hole,” said Shin.

Shin Ji-ae had a close match with Jung Hye-jin, who hit a hole-in-one in the eighth hole (Par 3) and moved on to make two straight birdies in the 15th (Par 3) and 16th (Par 4) holes. But, Shin secured her victory by making a difficult hook-line 3m birdie putt on the 16th hole and then calmly making a 1m putt for par on the 18th hole (Par 4).

Jang Jung-eun came in seventh place (6 under par, 210 shots).