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Brand Names

Posted August. 17, 2006 03:34,   


‘Fashion 7080,’ a corner on the entertainment show KBS Gag Concert, is a satire on the current state of idolizing famous brand names and Gangnam, the three most affluent districts -Seocho, Gangnam, Songpa- in Seoul. This corner is receiving the spotlight, with the recent issue of fake brand name watches, and the “Doenjang women issue, a controversy over women who blindly pursues brand-name goods and luxury life style. We met the main characters of this corner.

Doenjang man’s theory on Gangnam and famous brands

“After getting married, I sometimes buy from famous brands. And our house is in Bangbae-dong, Seocho District.”

A fancy watch showers light from Park Jun-hyung’s wrist. To the question, “Are you really not a doenjang-nam,” he answers frankly. Reflecting on his past career of becoming the chairman of the Gag business by 10 years of steady activity such as grating a radish with his front teeth, this is not surprising.

“Our gags aren’t made to criticize people who live in Gangnam, nor do we see brand names as bad. It’s a personal freedom to earn money and spend it buying things you want.”

Oh Ji-heon, who came up with the idea helps out. He adds, “A brand name isn’t decided by the price, but how one thinks of it.” If it is an object one can use a long time, it is a good brand, no matter what the price.

Recently, they visited Apgujeong-dong in Gangnam wearing the bizarre make-up of ‘Fashion 7080.’

“Apgujeong-dong is originally a place that isn’t very conscious of celebrities. But that day, everyone looked at us and laughed. Now, even when we go in plain clothes, people look at us.”

“Doenjang Park with a five cent watch-”

The recent fake brand name watches have brought about a social wave. The issue of doenjang women who enjoy imported brands with the money of boyfriends and parents is all over the Internet. On August 20, Park Hwi-soon will appear on ‘Fashion 7080’ as doenjang Park to show a gag satirizing fake brand watches.

“Actually, a celebrity we know recently showed off that watch, saying it was a present. In lots of cases, if a celebrity goes to a launching show, they give him expensive presents for free. So lots go whether they have a schedule or not.”

Referring a fake famous watch brand name, Park says, “The name seems pretty expensive.” During the interview, he holds a on-the-spot idea conference, saying, “Maybe I’ll introduce you as ‘Doenjang Park with a five cent watch, not even worth a dollar.’”

Park Hwi-soon, who still takes the metro because he doesn’t have his own car, says he “can’t understand” this issue that has the wealthy class and entertainment business talking. He adds, “I’ve never thought that I want to get famous so I can live like a ‘doenjang man.’ I’m just having fun because my job is so interesting.”

Oh felt upset that the youths of today compare their outer appearance with others, and lose confidence and personality.

“The outside isn’t everything. I’ve never felt ashamed at being ugly. I want to give the message that there is no need to forget about the inside of ourselves, and feel superiority or inferiority about brand names, or living in Gangnam.”