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Beat the Heat

Posted August. 11, 2006 04:41,   


Autumn has come, but the sweltering heat is still on a roll.

If you’ve already used up your vacation, instead of another getaway, how about a trip to a natural gorge not far from home? From burbling streams to fantastic waterfalls for a splash, there’s also a cool forest where you can breathe fresh air at last. The phytoncide from the trees releases the stress of the city and rejuvenates your body and soul.

All the log cabins are booked until September, but you can make it in a day, or stay at one of the many camping sites, trailers, or private residences. Here now are some nearby Gyeonggi travel spots that you can’t miss.

Mt. Yumyeong is a national recreational area near Seorak-myeon. The drive around Cheongpyeong Lake is also popular, with the many tamaracks and white cone trees dotting the excellent scenery. The boulders and the 3.5-hour-long smooth hiking trail leads you to ponds as clear as glass, named after bats and dragons.

The facilities including a gym, therapeutic forest excursions, and trailer camps are superb, and if you’re up for paragliding or gardening, it’s all at Mt. Yumyeong (031-589-5487).

Mt. Chukryeong, located in Namyang, affords a splendid view of Korean white cone forests over half a century old. There are forest trails, gyms, a nature observatory, and recreation center. For lodging, there’s a camping site for 50 tents, first-come-first-served.

Both Mt. Chukryeong and Mt. Seori have two hiking courses that take 2.5 hours, respectively. Many historical landmarks, parks, and museums offer sightseeing attractions, and local restaurants serve dishes with all sorts of mountain herbs and mushrooms (031-592-0681).