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Constitutional Court Picks Announced

Posted August. 08, 2006 03:35,   


The Korea Bar Association (KBA) officially recommended former Supreme Court Justices Lee Im-soo, Lee Kang-guk and Sohn Ji-yeol, former Constitutional Court Justice Shin Chang-eon, and Constitutional Court Justice Kim Hyo-jong as candidates to replace outgoing Constitutional Court President Yun Young-chul whose term will end on September 14.

KBA issued a statement, “Given the pivotal role that the Constitutional Court plays, as seen in cases involving the special law on the new administrative capital and presidential impeachment, appointing with politically and ideologically biased views or under the name of reform or diversity should be rejected.”

Regarding the qualifications of the new Constitutional Court justice, the association listed those who are equipped with legal expertise and professionalism, whose qualification and capability have been proven, and who have equal or more experiences than Supreme Court justices have.

Justice Kwon Seong will retire on August 13 without completing his term, and President Yoon and Justices Kim Hyo-jong, Kim Kyung-il, and Song In-jun will have completed their terms and will retire on September 14.

The president will appoint the successors to Constitutional Court President Yoon and Justice Song, and the Supreme Court chief justice will recommend a successor to Justice Kim Kyung-il. The Grand National Party will recommend a replacement of Justice Kwon, and the GNP and the Uri Party will jointly recommend a candidate to replace Justice Kim Hyo-jong.