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CNN Hires Castro’s Daughter In Miami

Posted August. 07, 2006 05:52,   


Almost a week has passed since Cuban leader Fidel Castro (80) “temporarily” handed power to his younger brother, Defense Minister Raul Castro and underwent intestinal surgery, but his actual state of health still remains uncertain. There was even talk of stomach cancer yesterday (local time), but that lacks credibility as well.

Under the circumstances, foreign media outlets, especially the U.S. media, are indirectly covering the news about Fidel Castro through his family members living in Miami as they find it hard to go into the Cuban capital, Havana. Miami has a cluster of Cubans.

Beginning August 4, CNN hired Castro’s daughter Alina Fernandez (50) as a contributor in Miami. Fernandez was born to Castro and his “revolutionary comrade and love” Nati Revuelta while Castro was married to his first wife.

However, Fernandez requested asylum in Spain during her vacation there, escaping the political situation in Cuba in 1993 and settled in Miami in 2001.

In her first appearance on CNN, Fernandez said, “My uncle Raul is different from my father Fidel, but he has a strong hold on the military forces.” Fernandez further stated, “My father had surgery to stop intestinal bleeding in the 1960s,” and recalled that her father was an attentive person, playing games with her but that their relationship changed as she grew older.

Fernandez added, “I decided to seek asylum for my daughter because I couldn’t stand daily life in Cuba.”

So far, Fernandez emceed radio programs in Miami and published a book titled, “Castro’s Daughter: An Exile’s Memoir of Cuba.”

In addition, Castro’s younger sister Juanita Castro (73), who has been living in Miami in protest against her older brother’s dictatorship since 1965, said, “My brother underwent major surgery,” after having a phone conversation with her family in Havana on August 3.

Besides Fernandez and Juanita, Castro’s other daughter Francisca Pupo and his granddaughter live in Miami.

Cuban President Fidel Castro divorced his first wife Mirta Diaz-Balart in 1955. Mrs. Diaz-Balart is now remarried and lives in Spain. Castro’s son with Mrs. Diaz, Fidelito Castro, returned to Cuba and led Cuba’s atomic-energy committee until dismissed. Castro has five more sons with his second wife Dalia Soto Del Valle.

At present, Castro has no wife. Raul Castro’s wife is playing the role of first lady.