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First Round World Cup Stats Released

Posted June. 17, 2006 03:09,   


The 32 countries that are attending the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany have each played at least one game. The World Cup Game’s official website (www.fifaworldcup.yahoo.com) writes on June 16 that Germany and Korea holds the most impressive record as of yet, statistically speaking.

On the criteria of ball possession and accuracy of passes, Korea had the ball for 64 percent of the match against Togo. Of 588 passes attempted, the succession rate was at 84 percent, which is pretty high. Short passes were particularly accurate as 426 out of 441 short passes found their targets.

Germany in the opening match against Costa Rica match recorded 63 percent ball possession and 619 passes, with their success rate at 83 percent.

Brazil scored the highest on pass success (85%). However, the website writes that longer possession of the ball does not always lead to victory, taking Czech Republic and Ecuador as examples. Czech recorded 45% ball possession and still managed to beat the U.S., 3-0; while Ecuador, with 44% ball possession, defeated Poland, 2-0.

Germany had the highest number of shooting attempts. Out of 21 shot attempts, 10 of them were effective.

Australia is in second place with ten effective shots out of twenty attempts. Costa Rica on the other hand, attempted only four shots, but two of these four landed in the back of the net, proving their amazing accuracy.

Seung-Kun Lee why@donga.com