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Ex-Tourism Chief’s Arrest Criticized

Posted May. 26, 2006 03:02,   


On May 25, former President Kim Dae-jung’s acquaintances, the Uri Party, and the Democratic Party all expressed their dismay at the court arrest of Park Ji-won, former minister of culture and tourism, on charges of violating the Inter-Korean Exchange Cooperation Law.

The Grand National Party and Democratic Labor Party commented that this ruling should be an opportunity to strengthen the transparency of North Korean projects.

Kim’s secretary Choi Gyeong-hwan, said, “He has already served two years, and he is on probation because of an illness. It is difficult to understand the reason behind his court arrest.”

Uri Party spokesperson Woo Sang-ho said, “It is very regrettable that activities that occurred under special circumstances between North and South Korea also are judged with such strict legal standards.”

Democratic Party spokesperson Lee Sang-yeol stated, “Considering former minister Park’s contribution to inter-Korean relations, his court arrest is regrettable and not understandable. It is especially regrettable in that it happened so close to DJ’s visit to the North.”

Grand National Party vice spokesperson Lee Jeong-hyeon said, “It is very significant that the Courts are putting a stop to the reckless aid that is going to North Korea from the South Korean government. The current administration should take this matter as a lesson when pursuing North Korean policies.”