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Online World Cup Scams Proliferating

Posted May. 23, 2006 03:00,   


The number of cases in which websites collect consumer personal information and charge mobile phone information usage fees disguised as official 2006 Germany World Cup sites, is increasing.

The Seoul City Electronic Commerce Center announced on May 22 that they received 140 such reports during April and May. Netizens participated in “100% prize winning World Cup events wishing for the advancement to the round of 16,” and the websites charged them 33,000 won as a membership fee. The amount of money was charged to netizen’s mobile phone as information usage fees.

These websites were made mostly by movie or adult content providers. They induced people to log on to their sites through SMS or Internet advertisements about the event and have them play a football penalty kick game which they insisted had a 100% rate of winning.

Then they asked for personal information and mobile phone numbers, saying they are needed to get free gifts, and took money by charging 33,000 won a person as mobile phone usage fees the next month.

They provided the option of viewing the provisions as if that was part of a procedure for receiving a free gift when they asked for personal information and mobile phone numbers.

Nonetheless, the provisions were not available, and it turned out that the actual provisions were payment agreements for using information when signing up for a paid membership.

Seong-Yub Ra cpu@donga.com