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New Committee Will Target Subversion

Posted May. 11, 2006 07:08,   


The “Committee on Identifying Pro-North and Anti-national Activities” designed to shed light on the past leftist activities will be launched on May 25.

The committee was formed by conservatives and aims to counter government efforts to clarify the past such as the establishment of “Committee for Truth and Reconciliation.”

Je Seong-ho, co-director of the New Right Union and professor of Chung-Ang University, Jeong Chang-in, the chief editor of an Internet independent newspaper, professor Kang Kyeong-keun of Soongsil University, professor Lee Joo-cheon of Wonkwang University, lawyer Lee Do-ah, and director Kim Kwang-dong of a national policy group participate in the newly-launched committee.

The committee will collect data about incidents such as the “Korean Liberation Preparation Committee,” the “People Revolution Party,” and the “People Revolution Party Rebuilding Committee,” and will clarify pro-North activities.

To that end, it will ask for revelation of classified information about incidents regarding national security and regularly hold academic seminars.

In addition, it will ask the government to announce the minority opinions during the presentation of the results of the investigation and the participation of the committee.

With the collaboration of the “Free Democracy Research Institute,” a sister academic organization, the committee will announce its launch and present the results its first investigation in Baejae University on the afternoon of May 25.

At the presentation titled “National Identity and Revisit to National Security Incidents,” Lee Dong-ho, the director of North Korea Democratization Forum, will make a presentation under the topic of “What to make of leftist national security incidents,” and Kim Young-hak, former director of National Security Research Center, will make a presentation about “Korean Liberation Preparation Committee.”

Professor Je said, “The government undermines the national identity since it ignores or dismisses pro-North activities as manipulation in the process of clarifying the past and revisiting national security incidents. Therefore it is urgent to let Korean people know the truth.”