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Children’s Day

Posted April. 25, 2006 05:18,   


“What should we do with the kids on Children’s Day?”

Every May, parents worry about how to celebrate Children’s Day. They want to give their children special memories, but the traffic, the crowds, and the cost make it difficult to make it plans. We will explore plans and methods of preparations for spending Children’s Day.

Prepare information in advance–

It is easy to forget making memories that the whole family will remember, while preparing Children’s Day presents. But a good way for parents to express their love is a special activity or event in which children can participate.

On portal sites like Naver or Yahoo, if you search “Children’s Day activities,” you can see a variety of appropriate performance information articles at a glance. If you search the home pages of performance venues or clip newspaper articles, you can get good information.

In consideration of the child’s interest, it is better to pick a locale as close to home as possible. It is necessary to find out about whether reservations are necessary, restrictions on the number of persons, and admission prices. Pick a time, and in the case of an event, find out start times and the frequency.

Find out if the venue isn’t too crowded, verify accident prevention methods, and make sure they have air-conditioning and bathroom facilities in advance.

Children’s Three-ring Circus Events-

At Everland and Seoulland, they have prepared a Europe Wedding Parade and a Gladiator Show, and at the Children’s Grand Park, they are planning to hold a drama festival, creating flower gardens and paths.

There are also many children’s musical theatrical events. When selecting a performance, it is necessary to check age information. If you consider age restrictions listed on the ads or pamphlets only when selecting a piece, the child might not understand or become bored. You need to peruse the home pages for content of the performance and audience reviews.

Admission at events or exhibitions ranges from 3,000 won to 10,000 won. Children’s theater ranges from 7,000 won to 15,000 won, and musicals from 20,000 won to 30,000 won.

Look around at bookstores, restaurants and festivals near your home. At the children’s corner in the Kyobo bookstore in Jamsil and Gangnam, they will have face painting, picture taking with character dolls, magic shows. Also, at family restaurants they have prepared events with discounts and commemorative photo shoots, offering dolls and t-shirts.

At Cheonggye Plaza and Seoul Plaza, many events such as a children’s drawing contest and tightrope performance, as well as face painting and picture taking, will take place.

To avoid the crowds, make reservations-

To avoid crowds, a good idea is to visit the venue a week in advance. At historical sites like ancient palaces or royal tombs, you can avoid the crowds and make an outing to take a tour of history.

If you make reservations, you can avoid stress on the day. At the Seoul Forest (parks.seoul.go.kr) at Ttukseom, through “Feeding the Deer” and the “Reed Pipe Culture Classroom,” you can experience ecology. At the Korea National Arboretum, they are expecting to hold events like the “Forest Yoga Experience” and “Balloon Technology.” The Seoul Forest and Korea National Arboretum will take reservations starting April 24-25 on their websites.

At the “Beautiful Store” from noon to 4:00 p.m. they will hold a children’s flea market. A total of 20% of sales margin will be used to support handicapped children.