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Ambassador’s Wife Hosts ‘Omani Night’

Posted April. 14, 2006 03:16,   


“Omani Night,” hosted by Amal Al Hadabi (30), wife of the Omani Ambassador to Korea, was filled with the exotic scents of Oman yesterday.

Hadabi said, “This is Oman’s way of greeting a guest: lighting Oman’s unique incense and serving Omani coffee. We believe that luck enters guests when their clothes absorb the scents of coffee and incense.”

At Café Lavazza, where the event took place, Hadabi greeted guests holding a silver incense burner. She is the youngest among the Ambassadors’ wives in Korea. She is in her fourth year here, however, which makes her a “Madame Dean,” one who has stayed the longest among the wives of Ambassadors from Middle Eastern nations.

“This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Korean-Omani relations. To commemorate the anniversary, the Korea-Middle East Association is planning to hold an exhibition introducing Islamic culture, and I wanted to show Oman’s handcrafts and food to Koreans first,” Hadabi explained.

She then added that Café Lavazza was selected as the stage for “Omani Night” because it was the only place in Seoul that was decorated in Oman’s image.

Hadabi brought silver handcrafts and paintings from Oman for the exhibition, and prepared the food with ingredients brought from Oman.

“Koreans will enjoy biriyani, Oman’s main dish, that is made of rice, saffron, meat and vanilla. Oman’s dates, which are called blessings of nature, are also famous.”

Hadabi pointed out that Omanis and Koreans are especially alike in the sense that both are family-oriented and respectful towards elders.

“Korean-Omani relations are rapidly improving. Oman exports oil and gas, and imports automobiles and mobile phones from Korea. Omanis have great confidence in Korean products,” she said. Oman is an Islamic kingdom famous for the “Adventures of Sinbad.” The nation has shown rapid economic growth in recent years since it started to open up.

Hadabi says she loves Korea, occasionally going shopping at Dongdaemun and teaching Taekwondo to her two children. Also, she never misses charity bazaars and Red Cross activities.

She said, “Before I leave, I will go wherever Koreans call me.”