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Immunity Disorder Treatments Developed

Posted April. 10, 2006 07:02,   


Korean researchers have developed a novel substance to treat immune disorders such as asthma, atopy, and rheumatism.

A team led by Professor Lee Sang-gyu of the Department of Biological Engineering at Yonsei University collaborated with a team led by Professor Park Chun-sik of the Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine and the bio-venture company Forhumantech (CEO Lee Seung-gyu, 45) in developing an immune disorder treatment substance using a protein found in the body, according to a report in the April 10 online edition of Nature Medicine.

The team examined 25,000 types of proteins found in the human body and located the Hph-1 protein, which resembles the protein that transmits substances into cells in viruses or fruit flies.

The team combined Hph-1 with CTLA-4, creating a new substance, FHT-CT4.

The team then set aside two groups of 30 asthmatic mice, and injected FHT-CT4 into the experimental group.

After a day, the group that was not injected with FHT-CT4 was experiencing increased irritation in its respiratory organs, while the experimental group had significantly lowered levels of irritation.

Professor Lee said, “Hph-1 served as a transmitter for CTLA-4 to the immune cells,” and added, “It is the first attempt to use the transmitters found in the body to treat immune related illnesses.”