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Tourists Warned After Backpacker Death

Posted April. 05, 2006 02:59,   


After Lim Ji-won (29), a Korean backpacker was found dead on a seacoast outside Istanbul on April 3 after a month-long disappearance in Turkey, more caution has been advised for backpackers.

The warning comes amidst a time in which an increasing number of backpackers are traveling to conflict-heavy regions such as the Middle East, rather than relatively secure areas such as Europe, Japan, and Australia, thus increasing the chances for accidents.

Travel experts are advising that when visiting dangerous areas, it is advisable to collect sufficient information such as security, religion, and ethnic conflicts in order to avoid unanticipated accidents. When visiting these places, the traveler must have a security backup plan beforehand.

Backpackers should be on guard especially if they are traveling alone and prepare for the worst case scenarios by informing their family of their location at all times.

By displaying excessive curiosity and accepting unwarranted acts of kindness by the local people, the backpacker may be tricked into accidents.

Kwak Il-hyun (30), who recently visited the Indian holy site Varanasi, said, “One Indian offered me a place to stay, led me to his house, and then stole all my money.” He added, “We should take care not to accept excessive acts of generosity.”

Lee Young-ho, sector chief of the Overseas Residents and Emigration Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which is in charge of security matters for travelers abroad, advised that the backpackers utilize its website (www.0404.go.kr) more actively.