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Roh Names Five New Cabinet Members

Posted March. 22, 2006 03:12,   


President Roh Moo-hyun appointed five sub-cabinet members to their posts, including Appeal Commission for Teachers Chairman Lee Jong-seo (51) to the post of vice-minister of Education and Human Resources Development, and Korea Investment Holdings Company vice president Yoo Yeong-hwan (49) to the post of vice-minister of the Ministry of Information and Communication yesterday.

Lee Hyeon-jae (57), secretary to the president on industrial policy, was appointed administrator of the Small and Medium Business Administration. The first deputy secretary general of the Board of Audit and Inspection, Park Jong-koo (54), and representative lawyer Lee Seok-hyeong (57) of the law firm Hahnbaek will replace two outgoing inspection commissioners on the Board of Audit and Inspection.

Oh Yeong-ho, the chief of the Public Management and Public Relations Office in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy will fill secretary Lee Hyeon-jae’s position.

Lee Jeong-ho, chief of the planning division of the Presidential Committee on the Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative, was named secretary to the president on system reform. Cho Myeong-soo, secretary to the president on system reform, was named secretary to the president on civil application proposals. Kim Eun-gyeong, secretary to the president on civil application proposal, was named secretary of the Presidential Commission on Sustainable Development.

Inspection commissioner Lee, is a member of the Millennium Democratic Party and acted as district party chairman of the Seoul Eunpyeong electorate district before the 2002 general elections. He also worked under People First Party member Lee In-je (Millennium Democratic Party adviser at the time) during the Millennium Democratic Party elections.

He has also led the Single Candidate Council since the August 8, 2002 elections and through calls for then-candidate President Roh Moo-hyun to step down and Representative Chung Mong-joon of United Nation 21 Party to participate in candidate unification election. He also publicly demanded that Roh give up candidacy during a Millennium Democratic Party district party joint meeting on August 16, 2002.

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