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Ichiro Fumes in Korea’s Win Over Japan

Posted March. 17, 2006 03:08,   


Lee Jong-beom (Kia) hit a critical two-run double in the eighth, and starter Park Chan-ho (San Diego Padres) and Korea’s bullpen held Japan to only one run in the Korean national baseball team’s 2-1 victory over Japan in World Baseball Classic (WBC) action at Anaheim Stadium yesterday.

The crowd—most of who were rooting for Korea—was another boost for the Korean team.

Korean players came out of the dugout and hugged each other after the win. With Korean fans in the stands cheering loudly, they circled the field waving a giant Korean flag.

Seo Jae-ung (Los Angeles Dodgers) capped the emotion of the moment by planting two Korean flags on the mound: a symbolic act signifying Korea’s victories over the U.S. and Japan.

Ichiro Upset-

On the other side of the field, Japanese star Suzuki Ichiro (Seattle Mariners) openly expressed frustration and anger at the loss, turning his head and screaming as if he was chastising himself.

The Korean team’s next opponent will be decided by the U.S.-Mexico match on March 17 at San Diego’s Petco Park. The U.S. will qualify for the semifinals outright if it beats Mexico. If Mexico wins, Japan, the U.S., and Mexico will all be tied with one win and two losses each, and the runner-up will be decided by the number of runs allowed, errors made, highest batting averages, and, as a last resort, a lottery.

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