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Lectures Focus on Soccer and Society

Posted February. 23, 2006 03:07,   


Dong-A Ilbo’s 21st Century Peace Research Center, led by Nam Jung-gu, will celebrate the 100-day mark before the start of the 2006 Germany World Cup by holding a panel discussion titled, “Soccer Outside Soccer Fields.” The discussion will be held in the 20th floor conference room of the Dong-A Media Center in Sejongno, Seoul.

The discussion will be divided into three separate lectures: “Korean Soccer Outside Soccer Fields”; “Soccer and the Korean Idea of Racial Unity”; and “Soccer and the World: the Globalization of Soccer.”

The first session will include lectures from Professor Song Hyeong-seok from the Keimyung University sports studies department, Professor Yun Jong-bin from the Myongji University diplomatic studies department, Gang Jun-ho from Seoul University’s sports education department, and sportswriter Kim Hwa-sung from Dong-A Ilbo.

The second session will feature Professor Yi Yong-su from Sejong University’s department of sports studies, Professor Yi Jong-yeong from Korea Sports University’s department of sports studies, and Professor Hwang Yeong-ju from Busan Foreign Language University’s Liberal Arts College.

The third session will feature a discussion attended by Professor Gang Seok-jin from Seoul University’s math department, Professor Yi Seong-hyeong from Ewha Women’s University’s school of diplomatic studies, and Professor Yi Han-gyu from the University of Seoul.

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