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Police Protesters Will Be Reprimanded

Posted February. 18, 2006 02:59,   


The commissioner general of the Korean National Police, Lee Taek-soon, announced he will reprimand police officers for filing a petition with the Constitutional Court saying the revision of the Police Law would be against the Constitution.

A group of former and current police officers called, “The Mugunghwa Club” (www.police24.or.kr) said on February 17, “The club will raise emergency funds to hire a lawyer for the three policemen who were targeted by the commissioner general for disciplinary action.”

Lee made the announcement in his operational report to the Government Administration and Local Autonomy Committee on February 15, saying, “The fact that more than three policemen held a joint press conference and picketed was against the code of police conduct and may have violated the ban on collective action by public officials.”

The police are reportedly investigating whether the protest violated the National Public Service Law, and are seeking ways to apply judicial punishment based on the results.

The Mugunghwa Club decided to hire a lawyer because low-ranking police officers have the right to challenge a law as unconstitutional when their rights are violated.

Mugunghwa Club representative Jeon Sang-hwa said, “Two of the three police officers who filed a petition with the Constitutional Court were hospitalized for severe mental distress after an inspection by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency on February 16. If they are subject to any disciplinary or criminal punishment, we will take legal action.”