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Religious Group Prays for Peace

Posted February. 17, 2006 03:11,   


Two Protestant nuns, three Catholic nuns, five Buddhist priests, and six Won Buddhist scholars from the Korean female religious group Samsohoe held a prayer meeting on February 14 at the world Anglican Gabriel Church in Canterbury, East London.

Canterbury Church is the third sacred site the group has toured, after a five-day stay in a Jeonnam Won Buddhist temple and a two-week stay at an Indian Buddhist temple. It is a holy place with a thousand-year history that is famous for its Gothic architecture and stained glass. The church was the backdrop for the famous “Canterbury Tales.”

All of the participants prayed for “the happiness of all those in hardship, and forgiveness and peace without hate, violence, or revenge.”

Pastor Cho Hang-shik, who supervises the Korean Episcopal church in London, Franciscan friar Colin Wilfred, and Choi Stefan from Korea participated in the service.

“Although our prayers are just drops of water, we hope they flow into the world sea of peace and warm the hearts of mankind. We hope they are embraced with compassion, love, and wisdom, and hope all the believers of this era will strive to tend the flower that is world peace,” the group recited.

They sang the song, “Many Lights From One” together to finish the meeting.

“There are many kinds of gifts in this world, but the greatest gift is love, we are united in love,” a participant said.

Won Buddhist scholar Kim Hyo-cheol said, “Before, Christian services seemed strange to me, but I didn’t feel that way today. I guess it’s because we’ve traveled a lot together and understand each other more. I have peace of mind today.”

The next day, the group visited a square next to the site of the London terrorist bus bombings on July 7, 2005, offering roses in the memory of the victims.

Jeong-Gook Yoon jkyoon@donga.com