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Andrea Bocelli

Posted February. 01, 2006 03:04,   


People often give a thumbs up to 48-year-old Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli whenever they see him. Maybe it’s his warm voice that gives one the feeling of putting on a cashmere blanket, or the analog sensitivity of his voice that reminds us of what old LP records used to sound like. Or maybe it’s the depth of his music that was enough to even overcome blindness.

Bocelli’s music goes way beyond mere “popera.” He is scheduled to release his fifth pop album, “Amore,” soon. Dong-A Ilbo spoke with Bocelli, who is busy putting the final touches on his new album.

Love Is the Engine of Life-

“I always think of love as the driving force or engine of life. Whatever you do is possible because of love,” Bocelli says.

His fifth album is scheduled to be released 15 months after his latest album, “Andrea,” hit music stores in November 2004. David Foster, a well-known producer, is responsible for the overall production of the new album. Nathan East of “Fourplay,” a fusion jazz group, plays bass, and Kenny G is featured on the saxophone for the song “Mi Manchi.”

“This album is entirely made up of pop music. Unlike when I sing opera, I rely on instinct when I sing pop music. I do that to arouse a freer spirit. Since I’m blind, I pay particular attention to that aspect,” Bocelli said.

Amore is a remake of hit songs from the 1920s to 1980s from Italy and France, including “Besame Mucho” and “Autumn Leaves.” From “Canzoni Stonate” in which Stevie Wonder plays the harmonica and sings the back chorus, to “Somos Novios,” a duet with Christina Aguilera, all 14 numbers on the album are soft and sweet, just like cotton candy.

Music is the Instinct of My Life-

Bocelli has been blind for 36 years ever since he lost his eyesight playing soccer at the age of 12. But his “disability” was an insignificant event accounting for less than one percent of his life. His life’s focus is his music, which now represents 99 percent of it.

His journey to world renown began with his Sarah Brightman duet, “Time to Say Goodbye” on his debut album, “Romanza,” which became a world hit. His second album, “Sogno,” released in 1999, ranked fourth on the billboard album charts in its first week. These were big events in the global music community. Often heard as background music in commercials and TV programs, his music has gained popularity in Korea as well.

“My voice is definitely a gift from God. But I have to develop my inborn talent through effort. I believe that is a courtesy to the one who gave me the talent,” Bocelli says. “Music is the force that leads me, and the tool that gives me inspiration. I feel both happy and stimulated when I see people are pleased by my music.”

On the subject of people who refer to him as “that singer who overcame his disability,” Bocelli says, “That is a burdensome compliment. I just regret that I cannot see those who are touched by my songs, and my fellow musicians who sing with me.”