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Marathoners: Weight Train 3 Days a Week

Posted January. 27, 2006 03:06,   


It is never enough to emphasize the importance of basic stamina for marathoners. The marathon is not all about running. Arm, chest and back muscles also need to be cultivated in balance in order to avoid excessive strain on the body.

As emphasized in our first marathon lesson, follow a “four days running, three days rest” regimen. But use your three day rest period to do some weight training and an adequate amount of circuit training.

You need four kinds of weight training to strengthen your necessary muscles.

First, weight-pad lifting or pushups is a good arm exercise. Weight-pads should be heavy enough for you to lift them more than five times.

Second, do some sit-ups to build up your abs. Your elbows should touch your knees when you pull up: do this at least 20 times.

Third, build up your leg muscles by lifting a barbell with your foot. We suggest 10kg barbells. Do this at least five times.

Fourth, when running on a treadmill, gaze forward, not downward, and try to let your knees rise a little.

Circuit training is several different exercises rolled into one cycle. It requires no tools. For example, walking up and down stairs (one minute); full squats (30 seconds); half squats (one minute); pushups (30 seconds); sit-ups (30 seconds); and leg-ups (30 seconds). Follow these steps over and over.

Circuit training is best done after three to five kilometers of running.

By building up your abdominal, arm, back and leg muscles, you will soon find yourself running better than ever.