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[Opinion] 360-Degree Feedback

Posted January. 05, 2006 03:00,   


The ruling Uri Party once conducted a multiple-rater feedback survey among its 80 executives. Each executive was asked to evaluate 79 people, both superiors and subordinates, except themselves.

This 360-degree feedback model was first introduced by the private sector a decade ago. The system is designed to pursue a fair evaluation by judging a person not only from above and below, but from 360-degrees. In this regard, the system brings objectivity and fairness to personnel evaluations. At that time, the prevailing assessment was that experimenting with 360-degree feedback in a political party was a stimulating attempt.

It is being told that Rep. Rhyu, Si-min would have scored zero in a 360-degree feedback survey among his colleagues. Despite such views, he was appointed to the position of minister of Health and Welfare. It shows that the final decision lies with the person who is in charge of appointment, no matter how rational a 360-degree feedback system can be. The Uri Party’s personnel evaluation was conducted on various items including commitment, fairness, organizing ability, self-innovation, leadership and personality. What kinds of scores did he get?

What is the general evaluation of his personality? He became a lawmaker after making his name as a moderator of an MBC program called “Debate on Current Issues.” But when MBC covered suspicions surrounding the stem cell scientist, Hwang, Woo-suk, he said, “I know a thing or two about this issue, because I once served as a member of the parliamentary health and welfare committee. And it doesn’t make sense that the MBC program PD Notebook can verify scientific facts. This unrestrained freedom of the press stinks.”

He publicly stated at one time that “Dong-A Ilbo offered me a lifeline, by allowing me to work as a commentator.” But more recently, he changed his stance and has made extreme remarks, saying, “Dong-A Ilbo is a poison. It ruins people’s mental health.” Indeed, his personality is really hard to judge.

He is a self-proclaimed “political chief guard for the president” and “the CEO of the Ardent Supporters of the President. Co.”. It seems that he professes himself as the president’s right-hand man, comparable to arms and legs of the president. But his colleague lawmakers are saying that they don’t like him because of his disrespectful behavior and remarks. The provocative way that he speaks and behaves causes controversy no matter when and where he is.

But there is a way he can make contributions. He can tell the president things as they are, even though he can be seen as a pain in the neck. In the past, such a person was referred to as a subject of integrity. But I wonder whether he ever will?

Kim Chung-sik, Editorial Writer, skim@donga.com