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Stars Born in the Year of the Dog

Posted January. 02, 2006 03:07,   


In 2006, stars born in the Year of the Dogs are planning to make themselves noteworthy for their achievements.

Stars born in 1982, including Rain, Hyun Bin, Han Ga-in, Kim Min-jeong, Kim A-joong, and Lee Jun-ki will compete with stars born in 1970 like Lee Byung-heon, Cha Seung-won, Jeong Jun-ho, Gam Woo-seong, and Kim Hye-soo who wish to solidify their status with their long career and experience.

Other stars born in the Year of the Dog are singer Lee So-eun, table tennis player Ryu Seung-min, baseball player Kim Tae-kyun, and shooter Kang Cho-hyun, who were born in 1982, and comedian Park Myung-soo, comedian Kang Ho-dong, singer Kim Jeong-min, and singer Lee Sang-eun who were born in 1970.

The most promising star this year is Rain (24). Last year, his show “Rainy Day” was a hit in Japan, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, propelling him to Asian stardom. As many as one million copies of his album were sold across Asia.

This year, his stage will be “globalized”. Early this month, he will have an interview with the Thai media. On January 25 his first single, “Sad Tango,” will debut in Japan. He will put on a concert in New York’s Medison Square Garden on February 2, and in Bangkok, Thailand on February 25-26. In the second half of this year, he will release his fourth album in Korea and consider appearances in dramas or movies.

Hyun Bin (24), an actor who became very popular thanks to his appearance in “My Name is Kim Sam-soon,” an MBC drama, expressed his ambition to be a Korean Wave star. He plans to hold a promotional tour in Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for three months starting in March. He will play his first leading part in a movie titled “First Love of a Millionaire,” which is scheduled to open in theaters in early February. He will play a spoiled, rich high school student in the movie. In the second half of this year, he will appear in an MBC drama.

Dogs in Korea-

One of the most promising stars born in the Year of the Dog is Lee Jun-ki (24). He appeared in a movie “King’s Man” and the SBS drama “My Girl.” He gained popularity with his pretty face. He said, “I think people like me because I have multiple images, even though I am not that handsome.” While talking about his plans for this year, he expressed his desire to devote himself to movies. He is currently reviewing 10 possible roles.

Han Ga-in (24), an actress, who got married to Yeon Jeong-hoon, will return to dramas in the first half of this year. She temporarily put an end to her acting career after “Super Rookies,” an MBC drama last March. She said that she would actively pursue her career once again since she feels fully charged after her marriage.

Jeong Jun-ho (36), a movie actor, will make his comeback with the movie “Two Boss,” which will be released on January 26. Kim Min-jeong (24) will see the movie “Lascivious Student,” in which she played a leading role, playing in theaters late this month. Lee Byung-heon (36) and Kim Hye-soo (36) are reviewing scenarios to decide their next movies.