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Thank the Paparazzi

Posted December. 08, 2005 02:59,   


The young American actress Sienna Miller, who has appeared in movies such as “Alphie” and “Casanova,” was photographed by paparazzi in October holding a shopping bag carrying an Amore Pacific logo.

Sienna Miller was caught on camera when she was leaving “Amore Pacific Beauty Gallery and Spa” in Manhattan, New York. She quickly hid her face behind the shopping bag, naturally exposing the Amore brand.

The American weekly magazine People later mentioned Amore Pacific as a luxury cosmetics line from Korea when covering Miller’s cosmetic secrets.

Y&Kei, the Korean fashion brand that went to the United States, was also blessed by the paparazzi.

When news spread that actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, and singer Lionel Richie were wearing Y&Kei outfits when they were caught on paparazzi cameras, the U.S. branch received numerous demands for outfits exactly like the ones the stars were wearing.

Y&Kei is the New York local luxury brand by Obzee, a Korean fashion brand for women.

LG Electronics’ mobile phone brand Cyon also enhanced its brand value thanks to the paparazzi.

This February a photograph of Hilton Hotel heiress Paris Hilton holding a Cyon (L1150) phone inside a car circulated through the Internet.

Last summer, Britney Spears was caught on paparazzi camera in her Benz, making a phone call with her Cyon mobile phone (LG-G4050) that clearly showed the LG logo.

LG Electronics said, “Market share in the US market went up from fourth last October to December to second this July to September. The paparazzi photos could have been partially responsible for this.”

Kim Ju-yeon, public relations director at Obzee, said, “Every fashion worn, and every move made by the stars reach the world’s consumers through the Internet instantly. Many Japanese consumers are making calls in Korean to buy clothes worn by the stars of the “Hanryu” (Korean) wave.”

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