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December Parties, Impotency Linked

Posted December. 05, 2005 07:09,   


It is December, the month full of social events such as year-end parties and alumni meetings, which lead to inevitable continuous drinking. Furthermore, just as needles and thread are inseparable, so are alcohol and tobacco.

Those in their twenties only worry about protecting the liver or their stomach. However, men over their mid 30s are more concerned with their sagging manhood. Once in a while when they experience impotency, it hurts more than the hangover from the alcohol. Moderation in drinking and smoking is the best way to prevent impotency. Otherwise, there are only second best methods to lessen the damage to one’s vigor.

If You Have to Drink, Do it Happily—

When one is stressed, the sympathetic nervous system becomes active, constricting muscles and blood vessels. Just the same, the penis also contracts when under stress. The hormone released when stressed, called cortisol, further accelerates this mechanism.

Obviously, one or two stressing situations don’t lead to impotency. However, if the stress persists, the muscles in the spongy body of the penis will permanently lose its flexibility. Hence, if you can’t avoid drinking, it is better to drink happily. If you go karaoke after drinking, don’t just sit, but stand up and dance and blow away the stress.

Take Half-baths and Walk—

If a warm water half-bath is taken after drinking, the blood circulation of the penis will flow smoothly and prevent impotency to a certain degree.

In particular, the perineal region will become warm, improving the prostate, which will lead to improved ejaculation. Urinary incontinence symptoms will also be alleviated. For such reasons some doctors suggest half-baths to male urology patients.

Exercise is a must the next day after drinking. Impotence is closely related to the body’s condition. In other words, one should quickly recover his status before drinking. Even if it is difficult, one should not skip exercising. Walking or light running is advised.

Adjust Time Slots—

Lamarckism, or the theory of use and disuse, directly applies to impotency. If one continues to avoid conjugal life the muscles in the spongy body of the penis will become softer, which might lead to impotency. In contrast, the more one engages in conjugal life, this muscle will become stronger.

Adjusting time slots is a method. Male hormones are secreted the most around 7 to 8 in the morning, and gradually decrease, reaching their lowest point at night. Therefore, if possible, consider moving your conjugal life time to the morning. If this is difficult, an alternative is to engage in conjugal life earlier than usual, on a day when one doesn’t drink.

It is advised to avoid sex the day after drinking. If one fails after one or two tries, one will become psychologically frustrated, and if this occurs repeatedly, it might develop into psychological impotency.

Eat Red Ginseng and Garlic—

More than a few men take herbal medicines because their stamina is down. However, modern medicine doesn’t particularly advise it.

However, there are several papers arguing that red ginseng, garlic, vitamin C and E can prevent impotency to an extent: when such foods are taken, sperm activity will improve, and the muscles in the penis will be strengthened. However, if one adheres strictly to such foods, it might trigger a nutritional unbalance.

It is also important to eat sufficient fruits. The shortage of vitamins worsens fatigue, burdening the body, and heightening the risk of suffering from impotency.

Sang-Hoon Kim corekim@donga.com