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New 5,000-Won Banknote Unveiled

Posted November. 03, 2005 07:19,   


The Bank of Korea (BOK) unveiled the new design for the 5,000-won banknote on Wednesday, November 2. Anti-forgery features have been highly strengthened in this new design.

The BOK will start printing the new banknote on November 7 through the Korea Minting and Security Printing Corporation and plans to issue them sometime during January of next year.

This new design is entirely different from the previous 5,000-won banknote, except for the picture of Yulgok on the front side. The back side has been changed from the previous scenery of Ojukheon, the home of Yulgok, to the pictures of a watermelon and cockscomb from the “Chochungdo.” “Chochungdo” was drawn by Yulgok’s mother, Shin Saimdang, and consists of eight paintings.

The new banknote will be 142mm long and 68mm wide, shrinking by 14mm in length and 8mm in width.

Some 20 new anti-forgery features have been included to the new design. Depending on the angle the banknote is seen, a hologram shows the picture of the Korean peninsula, the taegeuk mark, the value of the banknote, and the elements of the yin and yang symbol. A special ink which changes color is used for the number 5,000 printed at the bottom right-hand corner of the back side. This color changes from gold to green depending on the viewing angle.

Kyung-Joon Chung newa91@donga.com