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[Editorial] Foul “Wiretapping Accomplices” Shin Kuhn and Lim Dong-won

[Editorial] Foul “Wiretapping Accomplices” Shin Kuhn and Lim Dong-won

Posted October. 27, 2005 04:22,   


Lim Dong-won and Shin Kuhn, who had been National Intelligence Service (NIS) directors during the Kim Dae-jung administration, denied allegations on the spy agency’s illegal bugging acts, saying, “We did not know,” and, “We only did what was legal.” When another former NIS director, Kim Seung-gyu, admitted to wiretapping during Kim Dae-jung administration and the prosecution started investigating the case, they even made a threatening gesture to Kim and the prosecution.

However, when charging former NIS Deputy Director Kim Eun-seong for violating the Communication Secrecy Act, prosecutors revealed in the written arraignment that Lim and Shin are accomplices in this case. The allegation was that Kim Eun-seong had been collaborating with the two in committing wiretapping crimes. How shameless of them to deny so strongly a truth that was to be revealed in two months. They tried to save only themselves when they should have been begging for mercy. Not only are they cowardly, but also they have also committed a crime that should not be overlooked.

According to the prosecution’s investigation, one can almost think that the Kim Dae-jung administration maintained their power through information acquired by wiretapping. The wiretapping team in the NIS eavesdropped on all major figures in the nation by inputting their phone numbers in six sets of fixed-line wiretapping devices (R-2). These devices could connect to up to 3,600 lines, so one can easily guess the scale of the wiretapping. With the addition of mobile intercepting devices for cell phones (CAS), there was literally no way out. At that time, the administration even published a newspaper ad that claimed, “Cell phones cannot be wiretapped, so do not worry.” Thus it was impossible to receive permission from the court for wiretapping cell phones.

Kim Eun-seong, who orchestrated the wiretapping project, stated, “We did this regularly in order to protect the administration.” He even claimed that wiretapping was necessary in times of crisis. It is easy to infer where the seven or eight daily important wiretapping information went.

However, Kim Dae-jung is arguing that he “cannot believe” the charges. Let us assume that he really did not know then. But at this point, Kim Dae-jung should apologize to the nation. President Roh Moo-hyun should take responsibility for his comment, “The Kim Dae-jung administration did nothing wrong to be responsible for.”