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KBS Paid 19 Freelance MCs More Than 100 Million Won Each

KBS Paid 19 Freelance MCs More Than 100 Million Won Each

Posted September. 29, 2005 03:05,   


KBS paid 19 freelance entertainers and anchors more than 100 million won each for appearing on educational or entertainment programs on KBS TV networks last year.

According to a report titled: “The status of payment to freelance entertainers 2002-2004” provided by KBS to Grand National Party Rep. Park Hyeong-joon for the parliamentary inspection of the administration, a comedian was the highest-paid entertainer last year with 444.10 million won.

A baseball player-turned entertainer came in second with 236.40 million won, followed by a soap opera actress (233 million), an actor (210 million), an anchorwoman (201 million won), and a female comedian (192 million won).

The number of freelance entertainers and anchors who receive large paychecks of more than 100 million won has been on the rise annually. The figure has jumped from four in 2002 to 14 in 2003.

Eight freelance entertainers and anchors grossed more than 300 million won each by appearing on KBS programs for three years between 2002 and 2004. The sum the public broadcasting network paid totaled 3,193.03 million won.

Again, a comedian topped the list with 562.80 million won, followed by a freelance anchorwoman (522.48 million), a baseball player-turned entertainer (444.10 million won), a comedian (374.30 million won) and a veteran anchorman (336.90 million won).

Last year, KBS paid freelance entertainers and anchors a total of 4,735.75 million won.

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