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I, Myself Am in Forbidden Love

Posted August. 25, 2005 02:59,   


The much-talked about movie “April Snow” (Director Heo Jin-ho) was made public for the first time to local and foreign media members on August 23. After the preview, in a press conference in KOEX in Samseong-dong, Bae Yong-joon confessed, “In-soo in the movie is myself.” The movie tells the story about a forbidden love. Married man and woman fall in love after knowing that their own spouses are having affairs. The following is a question and answer with Bae Yong-joon, the “Star in Asia.”

-What was it like working with director Heo Jin-ho?

“This movie was a challenge to the working style of director Heo. I wanted to experience the working style that I wanted, but I couldn’t. It is true that there were some parts that didn’t go well with me, but I learned a lot during making the movie. I am sure I can show a variety of changes of myself in other movies in the future.

-The deep sorrow of In-soo was well expressed in the movie. How did you feel when you played the role?

“I felt really sad. And I am glad that you felt the same way. I feel like I disclosed what I experienced before, so it is a little bit shameful. I had to become In-soo and I had to feel like In-soo and express him. You can identify with In-soo and Bae-yong-joon.

-How did the expectations of the movie influence your acting?

“I am aware that Asian countries are paying attention to the movie, because of the simultaneous release. For brisk cultural exchanges in Asia, the simultaneous release of movies is needed. I hope “April Snow” serves as a starting point.”

-Japanese fans are eagerly waiting for the movie. I was excited a lot and, at the same time I was a little bit worried about the bedroom scene. I found the scene beautiful, to my relief. Please tell Japanese fans that “you don’t have to worry about the bedroom scene.”

“Thank you for enjoying the movie and finding it beautiful. The director cared a lot about its beauty. I hope that the audience can experience special love through this movie. And feel relieved and enjoy the movie.”

Asked about “the intense bedroom scene,” Sohn Ye-jin said, “Since the movie is about the love of married couples, physical love cannot be excluded. But it was difficult for me to bear the emotions while shooting the movie. Seo-young and In-soo must have had a lot of thoughts on their minds to become immersed in the moment. It took nine hours to make the scene. Fortunately, I feel satisfied with the scene, because the feeling of In-soo and Seo-young is good.”

-Static acting stood out. Isn’t it difficult to act like that?

“Lines were moderated, because there were not many words in my lines. I wanted to say a lot of things but I was not allowed concrete lines and situations (laughter). However, I think that is the strong point and the distinctive feature of the director. I felt sometime as if I was trapped in a dark tunnel. I can say with confidence that there was no false acting. I tried to accept moments sincerely.”

-Tell me about the atmosphere of shooting site. The movie is serious but, I wonder, if there were funny episodes.

“The subject is so serious that the shooting atmosphere was also serious. The overall situation of the movie is dark, and I also felt that way. The director likes the vivid feeling of the shooting site. So he did not tell actors what to do. He tried to capture the unalloyed response of the other actor by directing only one actor. In the process, interesting responses came.

-Please make some closing remarks.

“Frankly, I worried a lot about your questions. But I am glad I had a comfortable conversation. I hope you will have a special experience about special emotions of love.”

Seung-Jae Lee sjda@donga.com