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Manager-Level Public Office Positions for Civilians to Expand

Manager-Level Public Office Positions for Civilians to Expand

Posted August. 12, 2005 03:04,   


It seems that it will become easier for civilians to hold positions in public offices.

The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced on August 11 that regulations will be revised to increase more positions for civilians in public offices, including an expansion in the open position system from director-level positions down to the managerial level.

The employment criteria for contract and special government positions regulated by the CSC and in accordance to the Presidential Decree will be revised by the end of this month and end of this year, respectively.

According to the CSC, the experience period required for each rank in office will be reduced by three to five years, and public office positions can be held without having to have a college degree, license or career in the civil service, but with the experience in civilian work.

For example, a director-level position (contract employee) requires at least 12 years of field experience after graduating from college, but this has shortened to seven. Even without a degree or public service experience, if he/she has over 12 years of experience in a related field or civilian work, he/she may apply for the position.

The experience in civilian work, which was limited to regular employee positions, is to include all or part of the experience from non-regular positions such as freelancers or activities in civic groups.

A CSC official said, “As the qualifications for public office positions become alleviated, personnel verification will be strengthened. Work performance requirements will be made to prevent employment through favoritism, and the position will be posted for public offering.”

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