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Hot Weather Driving People Crazy

Posted July. 25, 2005 03:04,   


With a maximum temperature of 35 degree Celsius recorded last week throughout the nation, people’s health problems due to humid and hot weather are rising now. The highest number of people this year flocked to the beaches last weekend, and electronic fans are selling like hot cakes, which is placing a smile on producers’ faces.

The Korea Meteorological Administration called for people to take care of their health and said, “Except on July 25 and 28 during which it is expected to rain throughout the nation, until early next month, hot and tropical weather will continue with a minimum temperature of above 25 degrees Celsius and maximum temperature of about 35 degrees Celsius.”

Last Saturday, Kim, 50, who had found Park, 62, dead under the barbed wire of the highway running to Yongbong-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju, reported it to the police. Given the fact that Park had no health problems before, the police assume Park was dead of hot weather.

Meanwhile, Boreum, 51, a Mongolian migrant worker, after being found to have fallen down in the green house of a poultry farm located in Moksadong-myeon, Gokseong-gun, Jeonnam, was moved to hospital, but was dead last Saturday after three days of treatment.

Yun, 22, who performed the shift ceremony of palace gatekeepers in the Joseon Dynasty at a Seoul square in front of Seoul City Hall on last Saturday, 2 p.m. collapsed after complaining of dizziness.

Meanwhile, more than 2 million visited six beaches located in Busan, including 800,000 at Haewundae beach and 600,000 at Gwanganri beach. This is the highest number of the year.

In addition, about 290,000 visited the Daecheon beach in Chungnam, and about 130,000 visited Chunjangdae beach.

With hot and humid weather continuing for several days, air conditioners, electronic fans, beers and ices are selling like hot cake, and companies circulating these products such as discount stores and convenience stores are smiling even though they are busy.

According to a survey conducted by GS 25, a convenience store run by GS Retail, on the sale of ices and beers in 227 stores located in cities that were hit by hot weather recently such as Busan, Daegu, and Wlsan, the weekly sales from July 16 to 22 were 703,000 and 254,000 bottles respectively, which is more than the total of May (701,000 and 242,000 bottles).

According to Lotte Mart, sales of air conditioners and electronic ice fans from July 17 to 21 were two times more than that of one week before.