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What is the Real Reason for Continuously Courting the GNP?

What is the Real Reason for Continuously Courting the GNP?

Posted July. 21, 2005 03:05,   


On July 20, Uri Party Chairman Moon Hee-sang made a proposal to GNP Chairperson Park Geun-hye to create a policy consultation council composed of the ruling and opposition parties, as well as the government, in order to discuss issues such as real estate policy and South and North Korea relations.

At the expanded executive members meeting held at the Uri Party’s Seoul Yeongdeungpo Party Headquarters, Chairman Moon said, “Since the GNP is announcing its policy on real estate today, I propose to form a real estate policy consultation council with the opposition party as soon as possible.”

He continued, “We are focusing on the point that the GNP said that it could be part of a council if the government’s measures on real estate were announced, and we hope that their word is kept.”

He also emphasized, “We urge Chairperson Park to cooperate in setting a policy on the issue of South and North Korean relations, regardless of party, and we make it clear that we have no intentions to approach this issue for our party’s advantage and strategy.”

It seems that the Uri Party is requesting the GNP to take part in the policy consultation council with the ruling, opposition party, and government, in order to solve in a roundabout way the expected unconstitutional controversy over the “semi concept of public land ownership” that the ruling party is pursuing. By cooperating with the opposition party, the ruling party will expect to disperse the responsibility and make the proceeding of the related legislation smooth at the National Assembly.

In response, GNP Policy Committee Chairman Maeng Hyung-gyu stated his party’s position, saying, “Relating to the real estate policy, the government and the ruling party have yet to coordinate their opinions. The government and the ruling party should set their opinions clearly before holding a ruling, opposition party, and government consultation council.”

He also said, “On the issue of assisting North Korea, the government and ruling party are pouring out measures like a sudden shower, so they should prepare comprehensive measures in a more composed way.”

Although it is difficult for the GNP to refuse participating in the consultation council, since it is meant to be beneficial for the people, GNP insiders are worrying that if they participate carelessly, they will only be carrying responsibility.

Since both parties have such different views, it is forecasted that the consultation council of ruling party, opposition, and government will not be operating any time soon. It is very possible that it might come into existence in any form after the government and ruling party present their comprehensive measures on real estate in late August.

Yeon-Wook Jung jyw11@donga.com