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Lawmaker Kim Hee-sun’s Father Facing Pro-Japanese Activity Allegations

Lawmaker Kim Hee-sun’s Father Facing Pro-Japanese Activity Allegations

Posted July. 11, 2005 03:20,   


The Grand National Party (GNP) has decided to conduct an investigation, on its own, on allegations that the father of Uri Party lawmaker Kim Hee-sun engaged in pro-Japanese actions.

On July 10, the GNP stated that it had agreed to start an independent investigation on lawmaker Kim’s father, Kim Il-ryun, and decided to ask China for related material.

The GNP plans to send a document to police authorities of Liuhe County, Tonghua City, Jilin Province, China, which has the office records of the senior Kim, asking to see records and obtain copies of them.

GNP spokesperson Chun Yu-ok said, “Since Kim became a national assembly member by emphasizing being the descendant of an independence activist, it is necessary to clearly examine whether or not her father committed any atrocious pro-Japanese acts.”

The GNP has been demanding the resignation of Kim, saying, “With suspicions arising over Kim’s father’s pro-Japanese past, it is inappropriate for her to be the chairperson of the National Assembly’s National Policy Committee.” In contrast, the Uri Party responded to GNP’s acts by calling them “baseless political attacks.”

Jung-Eun Lee lightee@donga.com