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Steady First, Unique Second, Hopeful Third

Posted July. 09, 2005 03:06,   


Firstborns definitely have different personalities than those born youngest. A renowned American psychiatrist who says that “the order of birth determines personality” co-wrote a series with his son, blessing the peculiarities and gifts of the eldest, middle, and youngest child with a tender touch.

This book is recommendable to read to a child who believes his parents love his siblings more than they do him. It allows him to realize how special his existence is. It also awakens in him the fact that his parents’ love is multiplied, not divided.

The Eldest are Leaders: 21 out of the World’s First 23 Astronauts are Firstborns-

“Who do you love most, Mom?”

“The day you were born, we were so happy we cried. The photo albums are chock full of you. Everything from the bed to the diaper bag was brand new. I read a mountain of books to raise you just right. I always trusted you. How would I have ever raised your siblings without you? Your brothers and sisters will always come to you for guidance in rough times. Dear, nobody else in the world is more precious than you are. Because you are my first baby.”

The Middle Child Enjoys Competition and is Likely to Become an Entrepreneur: The World’s Wealthiest Billionaires Bill Gates and Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump are Second-borns-

“Who do you love most, Mom?”

“You were so different from your sister. She liked reading books quietly, but you liked playing with your friends even more. Thank you for your understanding; I couldn’t take care of you much because your sister was the eldest, and the youngest was an infant. You are headstrong, and sometimes contrary, and always wanted to win. Your father and I tried to raise you differently from your sister. Dear, nobody else in the world is more precious than you are. You are the jam in the sandwich. You are the most important glue that keeps our family together.”

The Youngest are Born Entertainers and Inventors: Comedian King Charlie Chaplin, Comedian Actors Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, and Whoopi Goldberg are all Lastborns-

“Who do you love most, Mom?”

“When you were born, our family was completed. After you were born, your father and I became engrossed in the joy of raising you. You always made those around you happy. Your father would rush home after work because he wanted to play with you. So adventurous and mischievous were you, at times even rude, but every time I saw you, smiles would erupt. Weren’t you sad because your sisters wouldn’t let you join their games? Even so, you were the only one who fit perfectly in my lap. Dear, nobody else in the world is more precious than you are. You will always be my baby.”

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