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SNU Library Opens New Section Featuring 100 Recommended Books

SNU Library Opens New Section Featuring 100 Recommended Books

Posted June. 13, 2005 06:32,   


You can read a classic novel or watch a newly-released DVD.

The central library of Seoul National University (SNU) has renovated the fourth floor of its main building, transforming it into a multipurpose complex space.

Slated to open June 14, the floor has new facilities (180 pyeong) such as a basic information data room (130 pyeong), a film and video data room (43 pyeong), and a room for disabled student support (seven pyeong).

The curator, Heo Nam-jin, said, “It has been designed to enhance basic education and to promote the cultural diversity of students,” and added, “In particular, we focused on facilitating library use for disabled students and freshmen and sophomores who are not fully accustomed to using a library by spending 500 million won of education ministry subsidies.”

A section in the basic information data room is committed to 100 recommended books by SNU to encourage students to read classic works.

The head of the library’s External Affairs office, Kim Young-ae, said, “The books can be read only in the reading room and will not be loaned according to the policy that the students should be able to read the books anytime.”

The basic information data room will also have some 10,000 textbooks and reference books used in basic education classes for freshmen and sophomores to enhance basic education.

The video footage and film data archives will have some 10,000 items including movie DVDs, overseas documentary films, and video lecture clips. SNU made 24 seats for viewing available by purchasing flat monitors.

Next to the office is newly prepared room for disabled students. The desks there are equipped with automatic height controllers and microscopes.

Jae-Young Kim jaykim@donga.com