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Let’s Not Discourage Bang Seong-yoon

Posted May. 25, 2005 03:37,   


A promising basketball player of the Korean professional league, Bang Seong-yoon (23), said, “Nowadays, I feel more troubled than when I was playing basketball.”

This is because Bang is in trouble over signing a contract with the KTF. Bang’s agent company IMG Korea and the KTF are embattled in an emotional confrontation against each other over Bang’s contract, which makes Bang’s position even more awkward.

On May 23, Bang requested a press conference in an effort to resolve the misunderstanding, but to make things worse, Bang is currently troubled after the news, in which he demanded several billions of won from the KTF, was revealed.

Originally, Bang Seong-yoon made it clear that he didn’t consider returning to Korea for another two or three years in order to advance to the National Basketball Association (NBA). Bang sought an understanding from the people, saying that he only wants to play in a bigger league, no matter the amount of money. Regarding Bang’s challenging spirit, the fans spared no support.

However, with the revelation of a large amount of money, which is not even included in the provision of contract, Bang, himself, is expected to be damaged.

Many people say that after all, it was all about the money.

However, deep inside this incident that rocked the Korean professional basketball league, Bang appears to be a scapegoat, not a target of criticism.

As if Bang Seong-yoon were Lotto itself, Bang’s agent company looked trying to make a fortune, while ignoring the provision banning giving contract money, and stating that a new player’s annual salary will be a maximum of 90 million won.

The KTF, though it could be a limit of a new team, also contributed to making things more complicated by repeating a principle rather than featuring flexibility in order to encourage Bang during the negotiation.

In addition, the clumsy provision of the Korean Basketball League (KBL) played a role in instigating confusion. Only now, the KBL appears to be preparing a relevant system, realizing its lack of clear provision regarding a player in a foreign league and a sports agent company.

Meanwhile, Bang Seong-yoon will go to the U.S. on May 26 for the NBA’s summer league. What needs to be done now is a reasonable decision by the adults, considering the future of Bang Seong-yoon, who is a pillar of the Korean basketball.

Jong-Seok Kim kjs0123@donga.com