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Professor Hwang : “Step Up Stem Cell Research Efforts”

Professor Hwang : “Step Up Stem Cell Research Efforts”

Posted May. 20, 2005 23:18,   


Professor Hwang Woo-suk of Seoul National University, who had successfully extracted stem cells from cloned embryos of patients with incurable diseases for the first time in the world, arrived at Incheon International Airport at 4:00 p.m. on May 20 from England where he presented his achievement.

At a press conference held at the airport’s guest room, he remarked, “I am very pleased to have made a breakthrough in stem cell research. I will step up research efforts to conquer incurable diseases as soon as possible.”

“It is too premature to say when this can be commercialized,” said Hwang.

He went on to say, “I wanted to announce the research results here in Seoul, but the schedule of the publication of my work in Science did not allow me to do so.”

On May 20, Science magazine chronicled his success of creating 11 stem cells that can grow into human organs through cloning the somatic cells of 11 people with incurable diseases.

At the press conference, important figures in the science and technology sector, such as Park Gi-young, an adviser to the President on science and technology, Vice Minister of Science and Technology Choi Seok-sik, and about 10 other co-researchers appeared.