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What is the Truth of the North’s Nuclear Issue?

Posted May. 09, 2005 23:28,   


“It Was Overestimated or Manipulated”-

The New York Times pointed out on May 8, “There are a number of cases in which some officials of the George W. Bush administration had applied pressure in order to adjust various types of intelligence into the administration keynote policies,” adding, “Accordingly, intelligence such as the North’s alleged nuclear test could be exaggerated or distorted.”

The Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported from Washington D.C. on May 9, “Speculation that North Korea has prepared for its nuclear test can be the North’s ‘fanfaronade’ in order to be approved by the international community, including the U.S., as a nuclear power or the U.S.’ ‘manipulation of intelligence’ aiming at China.”

In particular, the Asahi Shimbun reported that “the U.S.’ intelligence manipulation” is designed for China to develop a feeling of crisis by making it keep its eye upon Pyongyang’s disquieting action.

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