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Up to 50 Percent of Civilians Can Be Hired for Officer Level Government Positions

Up to 50 Percent of Civilians Can Be Hired for Officer Level Government Positions

Posted April. 21, 2005 23:20,   


With the decrease in the number of government officials selected through the government administration test, a so-called “autonomous hiring system by department” will be implemented. This system will allow central administrative departments to fill up to 50 percent of the total number of officer level (Level 5) positions with civilian experts.

Also, in order to expand the number of civilian experts in government service, departments will be allowed to hire contingent workers up to 20 percent of the total number of officials from levels One through Nine.

The Presidential Committee on Government Innovation and Decentralization (Chairman Yoon Sung-sik) stated on April 21 that they will confirm the “Revision Plans of Opening of Government Positions” with these new plans, and that they are planning to revise related laws such as the National Government Official Law.

According to the revisions, the ”open placement system,” which only applied to Level Three officials until now, has been expanded to Level Four officials. Therefore, each department can autonomously select up to 20 percent of places available for civilians.

The Committee has decided that since the current “open placement system” is limited to two to three years and does not give job security to the civilian experts, they will extend the working period and make possible permanent job offers to exceptional workers.

Under the current system, there are now 150 places open in 43 departments. However, civilians have filled only 44.1 percent of the places.

Koreans living abroad were not allowed to apply for the Level Five official jobs that each department opened, but that is to be changed also.

The committee also has decided that when deciding on a civilian’s promotion or salary, their experience in private business or research centers will be taken into account more in the future.

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