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BAI Conducts Special Audit of Seoul Metropolitan City and Other Local Governments

BAI Conducts Special Audit of Seoul Metropolitan City and Other Local Governments

Posted April. 18, 2005 23:28,   


The Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI), which discovered irregularities in the administration of local governments in its annual audit that was implemented early this year, decided to kick off special audits targeting 250 local governments including Seoul Metropolitan City. Their budget expenditures and other administrative measures will be scrutinized.

“Starting from May, when by-elections are ended, regular audit teams will stay in the local bodies in order to monitor their ordinary works, and an additional 300 officials will be added to the monitoring teams in June for comprehensive nation-wide audits, which will include all local governments,” said a source from the BAI.

On the other hand, the BAI independently launched audits on provincial and city governments. The audit on Seoul Metropolitan City started yesterday, and was followed by audits of Chungcheongbuk-do, Jeollanam-do, and others.

Seoul Metropolitan City’s Cheonggyecheon Restoration Project is drawing particular attention now. In addition, whether the city spent its budget in supporting the mobilization of rallies against the proposed capital relocation is also being questioned. In regard to this issue, a source from the BAI said, “We don’t question the rally itself. Rather, our investigation will focus on whether Seoul Metropolitan City financially supported the rally by setting aside some portion of its budget for it.”

Responding to this action, the lawmakers of opposition parties pointed out that ahead of the by-election to be held April 30, the government may be attempting to flex its muscle to chiefs of local governments, especially to those belonging to the opposition parties. Maeng Hyung-kyu, policy commission chair of the opposition Grand National Party, said, “Given the fact that the election is to be held this month, this action is untimely.”