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Japan Actively Involved in Fishing Rights Issue Near Dokdo

Japan Actively Involved in Fishing Rights Issue Near Dokdo

Posted April. 13, 2005 23:10,   


Japan has expressed its desire to focus on the common management of fishing near Dokdo, an issue previously excluded from discussion at the Korea-Japan Fisheries Summit Conference to be held late this month.

Government officials from the two countries are discussing holding a director-level conference for three nights and four days starting from April 26 at Shizoka. Issues at the conference will include the following: the status of fisheries resource management, future plans for fisheries resource management, and on-site inspections. The main issues will deal with endangered species threatened by over fishing that require common management.

The Tokyo Shimbun reported April 13 that this conference will revolve around fishing rights in the neutral region around Dokdo as stated in the Korea Japan Fisheries Agreement. The newspaper further stated that Japan expressed its desire to set fishing conditions, such as a restriction of fishing boats from entering neutral areas.

Korean ministry officials objected to the Japanese Fisheries Agency on April 13, stating its “incorrect reporting of facts.” Officials of the Japanese Fisheries Agency replied that “we were not the source,” and that “it is protocol not to investigate further.”

Concerns have been expressed in that the Japanese prime minister’s office may be using the conference to discuss the issue of Dokdo.

The Korean Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries set up an emergency meeting on April 13. A source said, “The conference may be postponed if Japan attempts to discuss fishery issues near Dokdo.”

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