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Japan’s Aid Diplomacy Initiated

Posted April. 11, 2005 23:32,   


Aiming at becoming a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Japan is actively taking a step in “aid diplomacy” to underdeveloped countries in Latin America and Africa.

Due to discords with surrounding nations such as the Republic of Korea and China, a red light has gone on in Japan’s entrance into the United Nations Security Council, and it is trying to land a strategic position by increasing sympathetic powers through large-scale extensive aid.

The Japanese press reported on April 11 that the Japanese government has decided to furnish official development assistance to three such Latin American countries: the impoverished (due to a prolonged civil war) Columbia, Guatemala, and Haiti.

On this day, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi held a conference with Columbian President Alvaro Uribe under the banner of “Peace Building in Latin America” and promised to support the needed funds for reconstruction after the civil war. The funds supported by Japan will be used in such tasks as job training and livelihood support for surrendered guerilla agents, provisions and literary education for refugees.

Japan has assisted “Peace Building Funds” to such countries as East Timor, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and this is the first time Japan has extended assistance to Latin American countries.

On April 11 Japanese Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Ichiro Aisawa announced that the Japanese government will additionally support Sudan, which has ended a 21 year-long civil war, with a $100 million reconstruction fund.

As the restoration of Sudan is a big issue with the Middle Eastern and African countries, Japan is planning to exhibit its participation in the reconstruction of Sudan and demonstrate how much Japan values Africa.

Won-Jae Park parkwj@donga.com