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“Ink and Lines of Joseon Dynasty”

Posted April. 05, 2005 01:24,   


The Hak-go-jae Gallery in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, will exhibit the works of artists from the late Joseon Dynasty who expressed classic scholars’ nobility and their internal dynamics under the theme of “Energy and Power of the Paintings from Late Joseon” from April 6 to April 20.

A total of 43 paintings by 11 artists, including Jeongsun (pen name: Gyeom-jae)’s “Bakyeonpokdo(朴淵瀑圖,” Lee In-sang (pen name: Neung Ho-kwan)’s “Jangbaeksando,” and the paintings of Kim Hong-do (pen name: Dan-won) and Jang Seung-ub (pen name: Oh-won), will be displayed at the gallery.

Viewers can read about the molding techniques of Gyeom-jae, who visualized the sounds of fall, using the diverse Chinese ink marks and lines in his “Bakyeonpokdo.”

Jang Seung-ub’s “Sansuinmulyeoungmo(山水人物翎毛) Eight-fold Screen” was framed and hung after separating two paintings of flowers and birds, two sets of landscape, and four sets of figure paintings onto a folding screen.

Myeongji University’s Art History Department professor Lee Tae-ho, who planned the exhibition, said that 13 works, including Jeongsun’s “Inwangsando(人王山圖),” “Wolsongjeongdo(越松亭圖),” “Bukdanchuneuido(北壇春意圖),” and Lee In-sang’s “Ubyeonbeomjudo(柳邊泛舟圖),” were from private collections, which will be revealed to the public for the first time.

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