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Expedition Crosses Dangerous 84 Degrees North Latitude

Posted March. 25, 2005 23:36,   


The expedition team that had been immobilized due to a whiteout (a weather condition in which all of one’s surroundings turn white, decreasing one’s ability to discern objects), crossed the “dangerous 84 degrees north latitude” by covering 15.54 km on March 22. On March 24, the expedition set the daily travel distance record by covering 16.46 km. The team has covered more than 15 km per day for the last four days. This is twice as fast as the team’s progress over the first 10 days of the expedition when they covered an average of 7.1 km per day. The team moves on foot for about nine hours every day.

Captain Park Young-seok said with determination, “We are coping with the worst conditions, facing temperatures of under minus 50 degrees Celsius and blizzards, but if we maintain our current pace, we may be able to reach the North Pole earlier than expected (May 6).”

Chang Jeon jeon@donga.com