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Seoul Considers Sales of North Korean Dokdo Stamp

Posted March. 16, 2005 22:05,   


The South Korean government is considering importing the Dokdo stamp issued by North Korea.

“We submitted a document to the Unification Ministry on Tuesday to request the approval of importing the Dokdo stamp issued by the Chosun Stamp Corporation of North Korea,” Park Hye-yeong, the president of Haeyoung Man & Tech. Co. said on Wednesday.

The South Korean government rejected the request last April, citing that the name “Chosun” contained in the stamp could be misleading and therefore people unaware of the islets might consider Dokdo a sovereign part of North Korea. This could trigger disputes over the nation’s territory stated in the constitution. Not only that, the term, “Juche,” displayed on the stamp, could be problematic as well due to its nature of ideological propaganda, the government pointed out.