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Representative Kang Jae-sub Elected as the New GNP Floor Leader

Representative Kang Jae-sub Elected as the New GNP Floor Leader

Posted March. 11, 2005 22:47,   


The Grand National Party (GNP) held a general assembly at the National Assembly building on Friday and selected a five-term lawmaker Kang Jae-sub as its floor leader succeeding Kim Deok-ryong, who recently stepped down to take responsibility for the passage of the administrative city law.

Floor leader Kang was elected by a majority of 55 votes out of a total of 101 votes. He was followed by Kwon Chul-hyun with 32 votes and Maeng Hyung-kyu with 13 votes. There was one invalid vote.

As the party election came to an end, Secretary-General Kim Moo-sung and party spokeswoman Chun Yeo-ok submitted their resignations to party leader Park Geun-hye as a token of asking for the party leader’s confidence.

Lawmaker Park is expected to work on reassembling the party early next week, making a decision on the two resignations and appointing new party posts.

Floor leader Kang voted for the administrative city law and has placed emphasis on “mutual success” for both the GNP and the ruling Uri Party. With his election as the new floor leader, dialogue between the GNP and the Uri Party may take place.

However, because both Park and Kang are from Daegu, the GNP could be criticized as a “TK (Daegu-Gyeongbuk Province) Party” or a “Yung Nam (the Gyeongsang region) Party” from within or outside of the party.

Kang held a press conference shortly after his victory, saying that he would meet with lawmakers and reach a consensus in order to bring the party back in order. He also spoke of resolving the GNP’s internal feud surrounding the passing of the administrative city law, saying that within the GNP there needs to be room for the lawmakers who oppose the law.

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