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Government Implements Systems to Modify Maternity, Childcare Leave

Government Implements Systems to Modify Maternity, Childcare Leave

Posted March. 10, 2005 22:38,   


The Civil Service Commission (chairman: Jo Chang-hyeon) announced on March 10 that it would implement measures designed to decrease the avoidance of childcare and maternity leave by public service personnel

, they will introduce a system of part-time public service, a system of substitution, and a banking system for alternate personnel.

The system of part-time public service is a system that lets a public officer freely select work hours of 15 to 32 hours out of the weekly regular 42 hours instead of separate leave for childcare.

A part-time public officer receives a salary proportioned to his or her working time, and if a public officer of Level Five salary rank (early thirties) works 22 hours a week, he or she would receive a pro-rated salary based on the amount of time worked (approximately 1,010,000 won compared to the approximately 1,940,000 won, including bonuses when working 42 hours).

Additionally, the banking system for alternate personnel is a system operated by each central administrative office that will enable the immediate supplement of personnel with prior recruiting of anticipated vacancies in cases of maternity leave or a childcare leave.

The system of substitution is the payment of an allowance of 30,000 to 50,000 won per month to the employee designated as the substitute in the case a colleague takes maternity leave or childcare leave.

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