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Chungnam Governor Shim Dae-pyeong about to Leave the ULD

Chungnam Governor Shim Dae-pyeong about to Leave the ULD

Posted March. 07, 2005 22:36,   


South Chungcheong Province Governor Shim Dae-pyeong is reportedly planning to defect from the United Liberal Democrats (ULD) on March 8 and found a new political party based in the Chungcheong area. Daejeon City Mayor Yeom Hong-cheol is also known to be considering a withdrawal from the Grand National Party.

Their defections from their respective parties appear to potentially have a domino effect: a massive withdrawal from parties by the heads of basic local governments and members of local assemblies from the Grand National Party and the United Liberal Democrats, which is highly likely to serve as a chance for a reshuffle in the political circles.

Reports have it that Governor Shim is positively pondering an idea to remain as a maverick after leaving the ULD and found a new party for the local elections in 2006.

In a similar move, former Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly Cho Boo-young, former lawmaker Jeong Jin-seok, and former head of the South Chungcheong Province Executive Committee Lee Myeong-soo will defect from the party. Some of them plan to run in by-elections in the South Chungcheong regions scheduled for April 30.

Shim, in a recent interview with Dong-a Ilbo, hinted at the fact that his withdrawal from his party was imminent, saying, “My associates have called on me to establish a new party,” adding, “Please wait.”

A core member of the ruling circles also noted, “As far as I know, Governor Shim will declare his defection from the party on March 8 in a press conference,” and predicted, “Chances are high that it will lead to a serial defection of leaders of the local governments in Chungcheong Province.”

For his part, Daejeon Mayor Yeom’s secession from his party is just around the corner, as he has said at various times, “I will go to great lengths to leave the party if the Grand National Party stands as a stumbling block to the establishment of the new administrative capital,” and recently remarked, “I will opt for utility (construction of the new capital) if there are any, even if my secession is not justified.”

Eyes are now on whether Yeom will officially announce his withdrawal from the party in the press conference scheduled for March 10. It appears highly likely that he will not join the “Chungcheong New Party” even after his secession.

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